Bladed Jig

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NEW FOR 2024! Designed with two copper-plated bb’s that have been molded into the head of the bait, the 1st Gen Fishing Copperhead Bladed Jig is the loudest vibrating jig on the market. When the Copperhead blade rocks from side to side, it strikes the bb’s, emitting a loud and high-pitched rattling sound the fish have never heard from a bladed jig. The clashing of the blade against the bb’s creates an unstable hunting motion when given a quick rod twitch or reel turn.

The Copperhead features a wire bait keeper to secure your favorite trailer in place. The business end comes equipped with a 5/0 Mustad® Ultra Point™ spinnerbait hook that has been molded into the head for added length. Finished with ultra-realistic paint jobs and lifelike handtied skirts, the 1st Gen Fishing Copperhead is a must-have in your arsenal.

Available in 12 colors in 3/8oz, 1/2oz, sizes.

  • 5/0 Mustad® Ultra-Point™

  • Hand Tied Skirt

  • Wire Bait Keeper

  • Blade Strikes BBs