HD Top Spin®

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Featuring all of the unique details of the original but in a bulked-up version, the 1st Gen Fishing Heavy Duty Top Spin is built for large fish both in freshwater and inshore. After years of research and development, 1st Gen Fishing has created a bait opposite an underspin. Featuring a #3.5 willow blade on top, you can now slow roll a bait along the bottom while the blade continues to spin and flash. Built with a titanium wire, you can now give fish the presentation of an underspin in and around cover, as the 1st Gen Heavy Duty Top Spin will swim through trees, brush and kelp with ease, giving the fish something they have never seen before.

Each head has been finely detailed, showcasing gills, 3D eyes and 5 eye-catching colors. The plastic keeper has been selected after years of research, keeping your bait intact longer for multiple uses. Utilizing a 30-degree premium Mustad Ultra Point swim jig hook and coming in 3 sizes, the Heavy Duty Top Spin has you covered from shallow to deep. Shake it, swim it, skip it, or drag it, the 1st Gen Heavy Duty Top Spin is sure to earn a spot in your tackle box.

Available in 5 colors in 1/2oz, 3/4oz and 1oz sizes.

  • AFW Wire
  • Mustad® UltrapointTM Hook
  • Inset 3D eyes
  • #3.5 Willow OverSpin Blade