Split-Blade Compact


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NEW FOR 2024! Designed with more weight on the hook shank to create a smaller profile and two 50/50 split color construction willow blades, the 1st Gen Fishing Split-Blade Compact Spinnerbait produces maximum flash and color variation with each blade rotation. The Split-Blade has been meticulously designed to feature every component an angler is looking for in a high-end spinnerbait.

Engineered with size 3.5 and size 4 willow blades to create a smaller, bite sized meal perfect to tempt a hungry bass. Featuring a .35mm super stainless steel wire frame and handtied 50 strand silicon skirt, the Split-Blade Compact undulates as it swims through the water. The business end comes equipped with a 5/0 Mustad® Ultra Point™ spinnerbait hook and a wire bait keeper to hold your favorite trailer in place. Finished with ultra-realistic paint jobs and lifelike skirts, the 1st Gen Fishing Split-Blade Compact is a winner all year long.

Available in 6 colors in 3/8oz, 1/2oz, and 3/4 sizes.

  • 5/0 Mustad® Ultra-Point™
  • 50/50 Willow Blades
  • Hand Tied Skirt
  • Wire Bait Keeper