Jaw Dropper®

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Introducing the first “walk-the-dog” style jig head of its kind, the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper’s action is truly remarkable. The mouth opened lead lip design gives the jig head a left-to-right action as you hop it off the bottom, giving bass an action they have never seen before. Affix any straight tailed worm, soft jerkbait or ned style plastic to the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper, and watch it come to life. The harder you snap your line, the more erratic the action. Featuring an ultra-sharp Mustad® Ultra Point™ hook, the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper will hook anything that comes in for a sniff, and the lip is designed to come through rocks and gravel with fewer hanging ups. Vertical jigging for suspended fish with the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper is deadly. A slight twitch of the rod sends the Jaw Dropper dancing in a “figure 8” motion, and the 90-degree line tie will keep your bait perfectly horizontal, perfect for tempting weary, cold water bass.

Utilize the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper as a swimbait head and a few slack line twitches will have your bait darting left to right, producing reaction strikes you would never get with a standard swimbait head. Perfect for 2”-3.5” swimbaits, the 1st Gen Jaw Dropper is the ultimate finesse swimbait head.

Available 4 to a pack in 5 colors in 3/16oz and 1/4oz sizes.

  • Mustad® UltrapointTM Hook
  • Mouth Opened Lead Lip Design
  • Inset 3D eyes